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Thursday, 30 March 2023 06:46

Committee for the defence and Propagation of the Good Name of Poland and the Poles

The Committee was established in June 1996 after a large demonstration in front of the Toronto Star building, organized by the Canadian Polish Congress, to protest articles blackening the good name of Poland and the Poles.  Despite interventions by the Polish community, that newspaper continued to refer to "Polish concentration camps" knowing full well that these were Nazi concentration camps built and operated by the Germans in occupied Poland.  The Committee endeavours to respond to such falsifications of Polish history.

A "defence fund" was opened at the St. Stanislaus - St. Casimir's Polish Parishes Credit Union in Toronto (#75158) to raise funds to support the work of the Committee.

The Committee's work includes the following:

  • Inspiring, promoting and coordinating the CPC's work with respect to the defence of the good name of Poland and the Poles;
  • Tracking the appearance of articles in the mass media (newspapers, radio, TV) and other publications (books, etc.) which offend the Polish ethnic group and falsify Poland's history;
  • Responding to articles and other publications libeling the Polish community;
  • Informing the Polish community about matters, which portray it in a negative light;
  • Encouraging the Polish community to write to the English-language mass media to correct misinformation about Polish matters;
  • Encouraging Poles to write about their experiences during World War II and the communist era, especially about the "Polish Holocaust", in order to preserve a historical record for future generations;
  • Supporting publications, especially those appearing in English, based on historical truth, which describe the Polish experience in World War II and under communist rule;
  • Conducting research and preparing materials for publication on the Canadian Polish Congress website.

For further information / viewpoints and articles:



Polish-Jewish Relations
in Wartime Northeastern Poland
and the Aftermath

by Mark Paul

The Internet edition is posted on-line in three parts:

* Part 1 (MS Word, 676 KB)
* Part 2, updated (MS Word, 2,077 KB)
* Part 3, updated (MS Word, 3,809 KB)